Monday 11 July

12.00-14.00          Registration

14.00-14.20          Opening                                     

Welcome by Frank Redegeld (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and Francesca Levi-Schaffer (Hebrew University, Israel)

14.20-15.15          Key note lecture 1                  

Mast cell development

  • Florent Ginhoux (Singapore): Developmental Origin of Mast Cells

15.15-16.15          Theme session 1                     

Novel developments in mast cell/basophil development (20 min presentations)

  • Joakim Dahlin (Karolinska, Sweden): Single-cell molecular of basophil and mast cell development
  • Thomas Plum (Heidelberg, Germany): Human Mast Cell Proteome Reveals Unique Lineage, Putative Functions, and Structural Basis for Cell Ablation
  • Martijn Nawijn (UMC Groningen, The Netherlands): Changes in molecular phenotypes and cell-cell interactions of mast cells in disease revealed by single-cell transcriptomics

16.15-16.45          Coffee break           

16.45-17.45          Abstracts                                   

Selection of speakers from submitted abstracts (5x12min)

17.45-19.15          Posters Session + Reception          

Tuesday 12 July

08.00-08.45          Board meeting EMBRN

09.00-09.30          Introductory lecture              

Mast cells in health and disease

Laurent Reber (INFINTy-Inserm, Toulouse, France) – How mast cells make us sick – mechanisms of mast cell activation in mast cell driven diseases

09.30-10.15          Key note lecture 2                  

Mast cells in health and disease

  • Guy Boeckxstaens (KU Leuven, Belgium): Mast cells in IBS

10.15-11.35 Theme session 2                              

Mast cells in inflammatory disorders (20 min presentations)

  • Ilze Bot (Leiden, The Netherlands): MC in atherosclerosis
  • Nicolas Gaudenzio (Toulouse, France): Mast cell nerve interactions and MRGPRX2
  • Frank Siebenhaar (Berlin, Germany): Mast cell disorders

11.35-12.00          Coffee break           

12.00-13.00          Abstracts                                   

Selection of speakers from submitted abstracts (5x12min)

13.00-14.00          Lunch                                          

Meet the Professor (juniors meet seniors and pick their brain)

14.00-14.45          Key note lecture 3                  

Emerging therapies for mast cell diseases: towards precision medicine

  • Alexander Eggel (Bern, Switzerland): IgE-FceR disruption

14.45-15.45          Theme session 3                     

New techniques for mast cell/basophil research & diagnostics

  • Jelle Folkerts (Stanford, USA): Single-cell genomic profiling of mast cell degranulation
  • Alexandra Santos (London, UK): Biomarkers of diagnosis and resolution of allergy
  • Martijn van Doorn (Rotterdam, The Netherlands): New mast cell therapies on the horizon

15.45-16.15          Coffee break           

16.15-17.15          Abstracts                                   

Selection of speakers from submitted abstracts (5x12min)

17.15-18.45          Posters + Drinks     

19.00-24.00      Social event – Drinks/Food/Music

Wednesday 13 July

Plenary meeting of EMBRN members and Board Update

09.00-09.45         Key note lecture 4                  

Connecting the dots: mast cell-basophil-eosinophil interactions

  • Francesca Levi-Schaffer (Jerusalem, Israel): The allergic effector unit: From basic science to drug-targetable mast cell-eosinophil interactions in patients

09.45-10.45          Theme session 4                     

Joint session EMBRN/Eosinophil society (President Florence Roufosse, Belgium)  

  • Introduction (Florence Roufosse and Francesca Levi-Schaffer)
  • Bruce Bochner, Chicago, USA: “Eosinophils, mast cells and Siglecs: from biology to drug target”
  • Leo Koenderman, Utrecht, The Netherlands: “Eosinophil kinetics in health and disease”
  • TBA      

10.45-11.15          Coffee break           

11.15-12.15          Abstracts                                   

Selection of speakers from submitted abstracts (5×12 min)

12.30-13.30          EMBRN assembly